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Speed Queen Front Load Washer OPL 30LB 1/3PH 220V SCN030GNFX for sale in Chicago, IL buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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Speed Queen Front Load Washer OPL 30LB 1/3PH 220V SCN030GNFXU3001 Used Item Details: Model: SCN030GNFXU3001 Brand: Speed Queen Voltage: 220V Status: Used Color: Stainless Steel Price: $2,500.00 Location: La Habra, California This washer is perfect for On-Premise Laundry - Hotel, Hospital, Car Wash, Dry Cleaning, Spa, etc. We have a wide variety of used Laundry equipment:Front load and top load washers, double stack dryers, soap machines, laundry carts. Everything you need to improve and maintain the quality of your laundry. We still have available used and new equipment and parts. We have all commercial laundry equipments such as: Huebsch, GE, Maytag, Primus, ADC, Continental, and Mas. Contact: 123 Laundry Solutions 888-205-0884 714-442-0330 Speed Queen,GE, Kenmore, Huebsch, Dexter, Wascomat, Continental,Girbau, Electrolux, Laundrylux, Wascomat, Maytag, Whirlpool, Milnor,Unimac, Ipso, ADC, American Dryer, Cissell, Frigidaire, Primus, LG, Amana, Washex, B&C Technologies, American Changer, Rowe, Changer, Standard Changer, Hamilton Changer, Vendrite, Vend-Rite, R&B Carts, ESD, Monarch, Imonex, Set-O-Matic, Keltner, bill changer, coin changer, coin box, money box, coin vault, meter case, econowash, coinop, Lavadora, secadora, comercial, t400, t300, t900,t1200, timer, diagram, parts manual, equipo para lavanderia, partes para lavadora, partes para secadora, maquina de cambio, motor de lavadora, motor de secadora, coin drop, coin slide, fichero para lavadora, fichero para secadora, lavadora de monedas, secadora de monedas, washer belt, dryer belt, Laundry, Coin Laundry, Laundromat, Wash House, Washeteria, Washateria, Lavanderia, pet washer, natural gas dryer, LP gas dryer, secadora de gas natural, secadora de gas LP,OPL Washer, OPL Dryer, Ajax, Braun, Boiler, Dryer, Commercial Washer, Commercial Dryer, Front Load Washer, lavadora de carga frontal, top load washer, lavadora de carga superior, Used Laundry Equipment, partesusadas para lavanderia, Used Laundromat Equipment,equipousado para lavanderia, Laundry Parts, Laundromat Parts, Laundry Furniture, muebles para lavanderia, Laundromat Furniture, Laundry Bag, bolsas para lavanderia ,Laundry Carts, laundry basket, carrito de lavanderia, Laundromat Carts, Coin Laundry Carts, Vending Machines, maquinas de sodas, snack machine, Neptune, Aurora, GE,Huebsch HC20MD2, Huebsch HC30MD2, Huebsch HC40MD2, Huebsch HC50MD2,Speed Queen SC20MD2, Speed Queen SC30MD2, Speed Queen SC40MD2, Speed Queen SC50MD2, lavadoracomercial, lavadoraactivadapormoneda s, Laundry Nation, 123 Laundry solutions, 123laundry, Wascomat W74, Wascomat W75, Wascomat W620,Wascomat W124, Wascomat W125, Wascomat W630Wascomat W640, Wascomat W184, Wascomat W185, Ignition control box, gas valve, valvula de gas, Continental L1030, Continental L1040, Continental L1050, double stack dryer, secadoradoble de gas, secadoradobleelectrica, electric dryer, gas dryer, Continental L1020,Continental Girbau EH Series, ContinentalEH Series, Huebsch 0300, Huebsch0300, Huebsch 0300DRG, Huebsch0300DRG, Speed Queen 0300, Speed Queen0300, Speed Queen 0300DRG, Speed Queen 0300 DRG, Dexter Dryer, Huebsch Dryer, ADC Dryer, Continental Dryer, Dexter Dryers, Huebsch Dryers, ADC Dryers, Continental Dryers, Dexter Dryers, STD32DG, HTD32DG, JTD32DG, drain valve, valvula de drenaje, dryer basket, dryer cylinder, dryer drum, tambor de secadora, canasta de secadora - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist